Michael's Flooring Outlet explains the difference between luxury vinyl and standard vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl is different than standard vinyl in its ability to mimic natural materials like stone and wood. It has a layer on the surface with a realistic photographic image combined with textures that look like real materials.

Composition of luxury vinyl

There are two forms of luxury vinyl. Either it simulates wood such as pine, walnut, oak, maple, or teak; or it mimics stone like marble, travertine, or slate. Luxury vinyl is distinguished from traditional vinyl in the shape of its pieces. Traditional vinyl flooring consists of sheets as long or wide as a room to minimize or eliminate seams. Luxury vinyl often mimics solid wood flooring and also comes in the shape of planks. LVT is either entirely composed of vinyl, or a combination of limestone and vinyl. Wood-like luxury vinyl is all vinyl. Tiles of luxury vinyl often contain limestone.

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Luxury vinyl qualities

The difference between luxury vinyl and traditional tile is not in the number of layers, but their thickness. Each has four layers. Starting at the bottom and going up they are:

  • Backing layer - This layer is the 'meat' of the tile. It gives it its solidity and structure. Ninetypercent of luxury vinyl thickness is in the backing layer.
  • Design layer -A photo-realistic print of wood or stone.
  • Clear film -Protects against damage such as tears and rips.
  • Aluminum oxide -The aluminum oxide-based layer protects against shoe scuffs and light scratching.

History of luxury vinyl

Pairing the words 'luxury' and 'vinyl' seems to be an oxymoron. Vinyl has been associated with a bargain installation for a long time. The reason luxury vinyl is now found in expensive downtown condominiums, is due to new technologies and traditional marketing. Long ago, laminate eclipsed vinyl because it successfully imitated wood and the plank format of hardwood. Vinyl flooring was reinvented when luxury vinyl hit the market in 2006. Manufacturers were quick to position it as realistic flooring. In the urban market, many condominium dwellers are now allowed to use luxury vinyl instead of hardwood flooring dictated by HOA covenants. We give clients from Creve Coeur, Dardenne Prairie, Florissant, and St. Peters, MO attentive, personal service. We have showrooms in each of these locations. We, at Michaels Flooring Outlet, will help turn houses into uniquely beautiful homes. Our staff works to create a space that expresses the lifestyle and tastes of our clients. We will recommend luxury vinyl as a viable flooring choice.