Top 5 Flooring trends to look for in 2019

Top 5 Flooring trends to look for in 2019

We understand that homeowners are always looking for something to make their floor stand out - but standing out isn’t always enough. Not only should your floors be beautiful and stylish, but they should also be easy to maintain and within your budget. So if it’s time to leave your old floors in 2018, check out the top five flooring trends we expect to see a lot of in the new year.

5. Tile flooring that looks like wood strikes again

Most of our customers choose to install tile flooring in rooms that are subject to heat and humidity such as the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or mudroom. If the idea of putting hardwood in your bathroom sounds like an absolute nightmare, then the newest trend in tile flooring can add your favorite design element to rooms that were previously restricted to tile that looks like, well, tile.

4. Even more realistic laminate

Laminate floors have become so high-tech that it can mimic just about everything, including the most exotic, unattainable wood. Good laminate flooring is one of the few renovations that can increase the value of a house. Indeed, the colors, patterns and layout of the 2019 trends in laminate floors are very much like those of hardwood flooring. The laminate can even be made to look handscraped, distressed or reclaimed. Your new laminate floors will leave your guests puzzled as they try to determine if it’s real wood.

3. Carpet for the new year is all about advances in technology

Admittedly, experiencing the carpet of yore could often be enough to make you swear it off forever. If you’re a parent or a pet owner, nothing strikes more fear for your floors than a spilled glass of milk or the sound of your four-legged best friend’s stomach disagreeing with the table scraps your sister-in-law snuck him.

But if you love nothing more than the feel of soft and luxurious carpet under your feet, you’re in for a treat. Carpeting has caught up with the future and is ready to withstand a beating like you’ve never seen before.

2. Even the most timeless option, such as hardwood flooring, has a new trend for 2019

Made from sturdy, deciduous trees such as oak and maple, hardwood flooring has never quite been out of style. Yet, there are trends for this timeless flooring in 2019 simply because manufacturers need to keep up with other types of flooring. The biggest trends we’re seeing is in the color of your always loved flooring favorite.

There’s no doubt that when choosing hardwood, your new floors will far outlive your resolutions - for many years to come! If you’re a trendsetter, go with the favorite neutral decorating color of 2019 - gray! It’s gorgeous, opens up the space and blends with all of your other wood finishes in your home like your cupboards and furnishings. Design advances in laminate flooring have it looking even more realistic

1. Luxury vinyl flooring tops our list as it has become the best value for the look

The popularity of luxury vinyl tile flooring is truly blowing up in 2019. Like laminate floors, vinyl floors can now be made to look astonishingly like stone or wood while retaining their ability to deliver looks that can’t be delivered by any other type of flooring. These looks include metal and concrete. Though luxury vinyl flooring doesn’t look exactly like metal, it gives a room a sophisticated look. Real concrete is so heavy that the subfloor may have to be bolstered to support it, and it also has to be sealed. This is not a problem for luxury vinyl.

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