3 Fall Flooring Trends Just in Time to Install

3 Fall Flooring Trends Just in Time to Install

Fall is here! And so much to look forward to. The house is quieter with kids in school, football means more company, and the holidays are right around the corner. All of these make fall the perfect time of year to install new flooring to give your home an amazing fresh look for guests.

Being in the market for a new floor right now is terrific. A strong mix of traditional classics and lower-cost modern materials puts beautiful new floors squarely in the realm of possibility.

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3 Flooring trends to install now

Open spaces. Nothing holds an entire space together like flooring. And as the walls come down to create these open-concept living areas, floors are what pulls it all together.

Regardless of the design direction—traditional to transitional to contemporary, floors are setting the stage.

Going vinyl. New technology in this space is making vinyl materials a much more viable option for a floor that looks great at a more affordable cost. New textures and finishes mimicking concrete, hardwood, stone and more to make this flooring material one to reconsider.

Giving it texture. Variation is a trend that’s been going for several years now. But focusing on surface texture is really hot right now. Textures like hand-scraped, wire-brushed or distressed give the flooring (and whole room) an upscale, timeless look.

Smooth floors aren’t going out of style anytime soon. They’re still as chic, elegant and classic as ever, but textured floors are certainly having their day.

Carpet is still a big winner

Wood and other materials have their draws, but carpet is still the choice for many homeowners. Over 60% of new floors are carpet. And with so many new styles and variations, carpet options are better than ever.

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